You Can Get to Know a Kangaroo!

Welcome to our site! You have probably found us because you want to know kangaroo facts, see kangaroo photos and you love kangaroos! We can help you!

Sponsoroo is a program to encourage interest, education and awareness about kangaroos. It is SINCERELY hoped that people may come to know and understand kangaroos, really love and appreciate them and will ultimately want to help to protect them.

Through Sponsoroo, people can come to know a Red, an Eastern Grey or a Western Grey kangaroo of their choice, through photos and correspondence.

Would you like to learn more about kangaroos, our symbol of Australia? Would you like to feel connected to, get to know a kangaroo, while he/she is a baby in care or is hopping freely with friends in the paddocks?

Would you like to give a delightful gift to someone else, even perhaps in another country, so that they can enjoy the chance of getting to know one of these superb animals?

If so, please go to Join Sponsoroo and read how you can.

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It is my greatest wish that people will respect kangaroos and will want to help to protect them. The general attitude towards kangaroos in Australia is just abysmal.

It always heartens me when I hear from other people who genuinely love and respect our kangaroos, thank you.

They too realise that we must love, respect and look after our precious wildlife and their habitat.

Each joey I raise, each kangaroo with whom I interact teaches me so much about their own kind and their environment. I realise how blessed I am to have this opportunity.

Thank you to everyone for their continuing support and sponsorship or donations, it is very much appreciated.