The people involved in Sponsoroo are merely voices for the kangaroos!

Background history

On February 9th 1990, a man found a baby kangaroo scratching at her mother's pouch wanting so badly to climb back in. It was cold out there and all she knew was the inside of her mother's warm and snug pouch. But her mother was lying lifeless by the side of a road. She had been killed by a car.

So the man picked up the joey and took her back to town with him.

He then rang Susie and asked her if she could look after this joey.

When Susie first met this little joey, she looked into the big dark frightened eyes and fell in love immediately. She held the little joey close to her heart to reassure and settle her.

That was how Susie was introduced to these superb beings.

Soon after that, word had spread that she was looking after joeys and someone else asked her to look after another joey, then another came into care and another..... One day she and her husband came home to find a jumper hanging on the doorknob of the back door in which there was another little joey.

Since then, Susie has raised countless joeys whose mothers have been killed, she has studied the behaviour of kangaroos, working with kangaroos has become a passion. There is an obvious connection between Susie and kangaroos.

In 1997, Mark and Susie decided that they needed to buy a farm where the kangaroos could have a safe home. As you can read on the page Trouble for kangaroos, the country is not a safe place for kangaroos which is a very sad situation.

So in 1998 they bought a 3000 acre (1700ha) farm, suitable habitat for Red and Grey kangaroos.

About a third of the property is an ephemeral wetland area and a lot of the property is well timbered. There is also a large area of wide open plains which is what the Reds prefer.

It is primarily a refuge/sanctuary for kangaroos.

The property became Certified Organic in 2006. There is a small area where lavender is grown. They distil the flowers for beautiful pure organic lavender oil….. blessed by the kangaroos!

Formation of Sponsoroo

In September 2000, the organisation Viva! in UK contacted Susie and asked her if she knew of an organisation through whom someone in England could "adopt" a kangaroo as a gift for of an organisation through whom someone in England could "adopt" a kangaroo as a gift for her husband. her husband. At the time, Susie was just wondering how she could create awareness of kangaroos and share stories about her kangaroo friends.

And so it was the perfect opportunity for Sponsoroo to be founded.

There have been many wonderful people sponsoring the kangaroos in the program since then, people have loved getting to know their kangaroos. Many friendships have been formed over the time and people have visited the property to meet the kangaroo(s), to see them out in the wild with their mates or to cuddle a joey in care. Susie has had lots of emails and letters from people about Sponsoroo, about the website and of course about the kangaroos. She loves to hear from like-minded people who also appreciate the depth of beauty within these amazing treasures. She is extremely appreciative of those who are working to protect kangaroos from people who don't care about them, who just want to see them dead.

Susie has also been very appreciative of the generosity of people giving donations to help look after the kangaroos. Joeys need special milk formula which is expensive to buy and so is the extra food and hay that Mark and Susie buy for the kangaroos.

The kangaroos belonging to this part of Australia

There are 3 main species of kangaroos found in this area of New South Wales, - Reds, Eastern Greys and Western Greys. Please see the page KangaGallery where you can see photos which show the varying characteristics of the different species. Each species has its own features, different colours, language, hopping action, fur, mating/reproduction system..... so many differences (and no the daddy does not have a pouch only the mummy!)

The kangaroos who live on the property and are involved in the Sponsoroo program belong to this area in NSW, their mobs belong to this area. These kangaroos have been either hand raised by Susie, released on the property by other carers, are offspring of those kangaroos or are kangaroos who have come in from the surrounding areas to find a safer home. All the kangaroos are free to roam and often come to the house area to visit. It can be catastrophic when the kangaroos roam away from the property as you can read on the page Trouble for kangaroos

As you will see on the Join Sponsoroo page, there are Reds, Eastern Greys and Western Greys in the program.

"Padlock for Perpetuity”

Susie says…...

“We would like to see more country in Australia set aside for our native wildlife.

We would like to see the establishment of a law whereby land can be set aside as sacred for our native wildlife.

It is imperative that we provide areas of protection that will be kept for perpetuity. We must bring into existence, a covenant called "Padlock for Perpetuity”. This does not mean that the area will be just set aside for Nature and that a gate will be locked and the key thrown away. In fact there may not even be a fence there! It means that there can be no legislation, which will undo this ruling that will allow for that area to be reverted to farming practices. When an area is ‘padlocked’, we will know that it has been secured and set aside for the Australian native species on a permanent basis and that is that. Connecting corridors of land will be formed throughout the continent and will be covered by the “Padlock for Perpetuity”. Here, protection and sanctuary will be provided for all native species, including the kangaroos, for always.”

Copyright © Susie Rowe

Did you realise that kangaroos each have their own character, they display many of the same emotions as humans, make wonderful mothers and they are very sensitive to their environment.

There is a pure, unequivocal depth and beauty in each kangaroo. There is deep wisdom in their presence, if only we would take the time and patience to learn from them, we would understand so much more about their species, their habitat and their environment.

While that sounds so very obvious to some of us, why is it that kangaroos are treated with so little respect and with such cruelty? Humans do not understand kangaroos very well. We are not aware of, do not appreciate, the uniqueness of kangaroos.

What an honour it is to be a voice for kangaroos.


There are a number of people who work very hard, as individuals or within groups, for the protection of kangaroos, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. Thank you too for all the other carers out there.

Thank you to all the wonderfully generous people over the years who have showed interest and support and who have sponsored or otherwise financially contributed. Thank you too for your affinity with kangaroos.

Thank you to our web developer, Sonia Saini, for her work on our website. She does an excellent job and we very much appreciate her.

And of course thank you to the kangaroos, who offer so much love and trust and who fill my life with blessings. It is such an honour to work with them and get to know them.

Here's hope, dear kangaroos, that we can improve the situation for all members of your species by gaining protection and obtaining the freedom, country and life that should be rightfully yours.

Voiceless Award

In December 2009, Sponsoroo received a generous grant of $1000 from Voiceless - the animal protection institute

Founder and Director, Sponsoroo