Some of these photos are to show you the difference between the 3 species - Red, Eastern Grey and Western Grey. There are a lot of people in Australia who have lived in rural areas all their life who still do not know the difference between the species living in their area..... in some cases on their own farm!

Some differences that you can see are that Reds have a pale tail, legs and arms, they have white and black around their noses, their noses are squarer than Greys.

Western Greys are darker, like chocolate brown, so much darker than Eastern Greys.

You can see a photo of a kangaroo embryo who has just been born and has latched onto the teat inside mother's pouch. It was accessed from:

The other photos in Kanga Gallery, and indeed all the photos on this site, were taken by Susie Rowe. They are of kangaroos on Narimba, mostly they are ones she has raised.

The birth of a kangaroo is an amazing feat of nature. The embryo joey is born from the mother's cloaca out to the outside world, then makes its way, all by itself without help from mother, using its little tiny hands, up through the mother’s fur and into the pouch, where it latches on to one of 4 teats. That takes about 3 minutes and at that stage it is only about 2cm long!

There are also 3 photos in memory of our darling Doroothy, (Dotty) the sweetest treasure who many people remember through Sponsoroo.


Listen and you can hear the mother and joey talking to each other. You can also hear another Eastern Grey calling in the background.