Thank you for your interest in joining our Sponsoroo program.

You will find a brief description of all the kangaroos involved in Sponsoroo further down this page.

When you have chosen who you would like to get to know and have joined Sponsoroo please send a message through the Contact Us page.

If you don't mind or can't decide, just join by clicking on the correct Buy Now button and Sponsoroo can choose a kanga for you!

Please tell us the name of the person to go on the Certificate of Sponsorship and the email address to where everything is to be sent.

On joining and becoming part of Sponsoroo, you will receive a personal message, a detailed story of the kangaroo(s) you sponsor, the Certificate and 4 photos.

After that, Susie will be happy to have email contact with you about your kangaroo(s), to update you with their progress.

The cost for each sponsorship is AUD$35 (Australian Dollars).

If you would like hard copies posted to a postal address, please add another AUD$10 (Australian Dollars) and let us know the postal address.

Click this Buy Now button for everything to be sent by email (AUD$35)

Click this Buy Now button for hard copies of everything to be sent by Australia Post (AUD$45)

Here is a currency converter link in case you need it.

The kangaroos in the Sponsoroo program are only a handful of the kangaroos living here. There are constantly new joeys coming in to care or kangaroos being released here.

Kangaroos who have been sponsored in the past are now in the wild and have families. It is so wonderful to observe them out there with their mob - happy and free. We have removed the fences so they come and go as they please. Often they come to the house area bringing their family and friends with them.

Through your sponsorship of a kangaroo and through donations, the other kangaroos benefit and we all very much appreciate that. Thank you.

Here are the kangaroos in the program

Red Kangaroos - Lizzie, Peppy

All the Red females have a soft and gentle nature. They hop so gracefully, they look so dainty, their bones are so fine and fragile looking

Lizzie has always been tiny for her age – and very sweet.

Peppy is the dearest and most affectionate boy.

Eastern Grey Kangaroos - Kookie, Mim, Lily

Kookie had a few developmental problems when she came into care but luckily we were able to work through them.

Lily was rescued from a horrible introduction to the human world.

Mim is a very special Grey who is one of these twins! Roowena, Mim's mother, came home to show me she had twins in her pouch. But then, a couple of months later they were very squashed in there and it was obvious that Roowena would not be able to carry them both, so she asked me if I could take one. Mim has grown into the prettiest kangaroo.

Western Grey Kangaroos - Ondi

Ondi has the cutest face, everything about her is just totally adorable!

Kangaroos are all very special in their own way. If ever you have had dogs or cats or a few of any other species of animal, you would know how each varies from the others in differing ways. It is the same with kangaroos. They are each individuals, with their own uniqueness, their own traits. Those from the one species may all look the same (rather like humans from an unfamiliar culture appear so alike to some people) but once you start to watch them or get to know them, or especially raise and live with them, you become aware of their individuality.