Big trouble for kangaroos, help them please

There is way too much apathy and ignorance, in general, towards what is happening to our kangaroos. It doesn’t seem to matter that already we have made EXTINCT several hundred species of Australian native fauna and that hundreds more are on the endangered list. We continue our careless practices. People do not understand that by what is happening, we are taking the quality of our kangaroos away, their health and vigor is not what it used to be and as species they are becoming weaker. The evolutionary ramifications are incredibly frightening. Many people do not realize that the Industry is taking the largest males, who of course, are the best breeding stock, the strongest, most virile and desirable gene pool. It is also not publicized that it has now been found that the average age of kangaroos is about 2 YEARS OLD instead of about 20 years old. They are not being allowed to live their full life span and breed how they would choose to do so for the strength, benefit and longevity of their species.

The kangaroo populations, particularly Reds, are under extreme pressure because humans are predating so heavily on them.

It has been shown through scientific research, that the Red kangaroo populations only grow between 6-8% a year when under pressure and yet the current quota for the allowable killing of Reds is 21% of the estimated population. That is THREE TIMES the growth rate. A quota of 5.5 million has been set for the last 3 years, this year it is 7 million, and they don’t even know how many kangaroos there are in actuality. They do aerial surveys and then estimate how many they think there are?! There is a huge range between the figures that are bantered round by the "experts". And yet the kangaroo management scheme is saying that kangaroos have to be "used" in an ecologically sustainable way?? They are not taking into account the huge numbers of kangaroos who are killed illegally or who die in accidents. Nor does anyone disclose the enormous numbers of joeys who are bashed to death cruelly or who are left to die, night after night.

The cruelty factor of all this barbarism is TRULY HORRIFIC. Some kangaroos are shot and die immediately, millions do NOT. They are injured and in pain. Some hop away with ghastly wounds. Some are bashed to death. Millions of joeys, in utter terror, are hauled out of pouches or caught mid-flight and brutally murdered. It’s a ghastly nightmare, only it is too true. Imagine what it would be like for you, to see your father, mother, children, other family and friends mercilessly savaged. This is exactly what it is like, night after night for thousands of kangaroos. They feel every bit of it as much as we would.

These 2 photos show disgusting and callous cruelty after a night of some people's sick idea of permissible behavior. They were driving round a paddock in the middle of the night shooting at and injuring innocent and terrified kangaroos. These poor kangaroos were 2 of 6 who had to endure being shot at, wounded and then in agony were chased by the low-life murderers. They were bashed until they fell and then their bodies were smashed. Who knows how long they had to suffer.

Look at how this poor girl's legs have been smashed. She would have felt every bit of it

If you look carefully, you can see the little tail and leg of a baby hanging lifelessly out of this mother's pouch. Shameless, sickening and extreme cruelty

Shameless, sickening and extreme cruelty.

Red kangaroos like to wander and explore. They like the wide open spaces and they love their freedom. Little do they realise the extent of the dangers that are lurking out there and the obnoxious murdering nature of some humans. I used to put collars on my Reds when they were ready to wander in the hope that it might help to protect them. Alas.....

These following beautiful and gentle souls have been etched into the hearts of many people, including some of you who will read this page. You will remember with fondness the times you shared with these exquisite beings.

Dear Buji came to me on 9th February 1990. She taught me a lot about raising little kangaroos and I adored her from the very first minute. She was a Red. Even though Buji went out to the wild and had joeys, she would come home to visit and just before the 2 times we moved houses, she would return home. So she moved here with us too, aged 9 years old by then. She and I were very close and she would let me look in her pouch to see her joey growing, which was such a treat. I learnt a lot from observing Buji.

Buji didn't return from one of her trips away. Nor was I told that she turned up at anyone's house. But I know she would have if she could.

Another little Red who came into my care, I named Nehroo. He grew into a handsome gentle young man. One day in January 1993, Rowie saw him out in one of the paddocks on the property we were managing at that time. The next night he was dead. He was murdered in cold blood, by a "professional" shooter who thought he was being so smart. (Words to the effect of )"Look at my prize", he bragged in a note, left on Nehroo's collar, when he took him to the chiller. A chiller is a cold storage place where the shooters take their dead kangaroos. The shooter was either poaching on our land where he wasn't meant to be shooting or he shot him from the road, which is illegal too. Also they are not meant to leave the heads on when they take kangaroos to the chiller. We reported it to National Parks and Wildlife Service, our Government agency who are meant to be protecting our native fauna. You can guess how much action was taken.

Similarly, there was Mal. A few years later, when we were living elsewhere, a male Red named Mal was released with us. When he was ready, he started adventuring to the wild and gradually we would see less and less of him. We moved from that property to here, but Mal and other friends stayed out in the wild, in that area. A few years after, I heard that Mal had been shot by a "professional" shooter and his collar was "chucked over the fence". Once again it was reported to NPWS.

Cherookee, also was murdered. He was shot for dog meat by a neighbour, even though he had a collar on. So sad, so irresponsible and thoughtless. He had been such a friend to many, with such a gentle loveable nature.

There are other people out there also who share the guilt of having blood on their hands and who have no excuse, those collars are very easy to see during the day or night.

I don't put collars on the kangaroos now, I realise sadly, that it makes no difference.

These kangaroos were all just innocently out there in the wild, not causing any harm....

Unfortunately there are so many stories of cold murder just like these ones.

The trouble is that most landholders see kangaroos as pests who cause damage and affect their livelihood. Because shooting is an option and it is by far the easiest, that’s what happens, with the Government agencies' blessings and considerable financial assistance. People do not think about it from the kangaroos’ perspective, do not think about the cruelty and suffering, they only want to see the kangaroos disappear. I realise and acknowledge to the landholders, that sometimes there are hundreds of kangaroos in a mob and that can be troubling. I know it is very difficult to make ends meet on the land these days, we too are experiencing that. But now, after years of the paradigm and practise of "if it moves, shoot it, if it doesn't, cut it down" we must be practising protection and preservation. We must change our mindset and ways to preserve what is left of our native Australia. We must not continue to compromise nature to achieve our aims only, we must be mindful of our fellow species.

WE HAVE TO THINK OF OTHER HARMLESS, NON-INVASIVE WAYS OF "CONTROLLING" KANGAROOS AND LEARN TO LIVE WITH THEM. There are some very creative humans out there and if the option of shooting was removed altogether, there would be some very clever inventions to emerge, things that have not been thought of before. We could live with kangaroos, we could keep them out of crops or off land that needs a spell from grazing. Kangaroo numbers may initially increase, but once they realised that their main source of predation had disappeared, their numbers would settle down again. They would not have to breed so intensely, to keep their species from becoming extinct. One example is a property in outback NSW, where there hasn't been any shooting of kangaroos for over 30 years. They are not seen as a pest and are not seen to cause grazing pressure. They are left alone and their numbers have not increased.


It is hoped that people will come to realise, through this website, through the linking contacts and websites and from other sources, the dreadful predicament that kangaroos are facing now in Australia. People in other countries are totally shocked to hear about the plight of kangaroos, the barbaric cruelty dealt out to them, the shameless, selfish, greedy and thoughtless Kangaroo Industry that is shooting millions of kangaroos each year seeing them as nothing but a commodity, a "renewable resource". There are a few people with very loud voices who are enthusiastically encouraging this commercialisation. All they are interested in is the human gain, the dollars they are making and the jobs they are creating.

It is my greatest wish that people will respect kangaroos and will want to help to protect them. The attitude towards kangaroos in Australia is just abyssmal....... as you will understand after reading this page.

Ever since white man came to Australia it has been a horrendous situation for kangaroos.

This country is kangaroo country, they belong here in Australia. They are connected to their particular habitat within this environment and to each other within their community. They have every right to be here more so than their persecuting people do.

Please join the cause to speak out for kangaroos, to change their situation. Please do all you can to help them.

Kangaroos have many of the same emotions as humans do, it is so plainly obvious to see, when you have the opportunity to live and work with them.

Alert other people because many people are simply not aware of what is happening.

There are not many safe refuges for kangaroo populations now. National Parks are meant to be protected areas, while all around the kangaroos are being shot out of existence. Because kangaroos take refuge in these restricted small areas, after a comparatively short time, the numbers build up and once again humans deem there are too many, go in and shoot, (including the largest and strongest gene pools, of course,) and destroy yet another population’s potential. If kangaroos were left alone and had a large area in which to live as a natural and undisturbed community, their numbers would eventually stabilize. If they could be safe, they would not have to live under pressure, they would not have to breed so intensely. They have been living in and with, their environment in a balanced harmonious way for centuries, before white settlers came and demolished that scenario. Unfortunately there is not much left of their native and preferred vegetation (and health-giving nutrition), that too has been destroyed.

Please, if there are any clever inventors reading this, or if you know of anyone, - HELP. Can you think of, and create, some harmless methods of telling kangaroos, that for a period of time, a certain area is out of bounds.

Also, if you are feeling concerned and are willing to help protect kangaroos, please write to those in authority and to animal welfare organisations. If you are not sure, send it to us at Sponsoroo and we will forward it on.

Alert other people because many people are simply not aware of what is happening. If you see kangaroo meat or other products in shops, let the shopkeepers know of the cruelty involved in the killing of khe kangaroos. Tell other people not to buy these products, get these products banned from the shelves